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La Lucanica

The Lucanica

Many regions dispute the origins of this extraordinary delicatessen product, but it is Cicero and Marco Terenzio Varrone who remove the veil of doubt on the origins of the sausage, writing that Lucanica, introduced to Rome by Lucanian slaves, was a minced meat, stuffed into a gut, is so called because the Roman soldiers had learned its preparation from the Lucanians.

Apicius provided the recipe and Lucanica or Luganega has since become synonymous with sausage.

The preparation technique has remained unchanged over the centuries in a land, the high mountain area of ​​Lucania, extremely suited to pig breeding and undoubtedly the custodian of a fabulous gastronomic heritage of southern delicatessen.

Among the secrets of this tradition there is undoubtedly an ancient artisan tradition of authenticity which is associated with experience, passion, as well as the result of the dictates that peasant civilization has handed down and which allows us to find in this sausage the quality, the the aroma and flavor of now rare flavours.

The careful selection of meat from pigs raised in the open air, the addition of only sea salt, dried ground pepper from Senise (IGP), wild fennel seeds (dried in the shade, as tradition dictates, to prevent it from losing its particular scent and aroma), the total absence of preservatives and the slow maturation come together in a correct balance that remains over time; thus patience, care, the purity of the air and the particular mountain microclimate offer a unique experience of taste.