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Sapori mediterranei

The quality of our salami is the result of an expertise developed across the years; their excellence is the fruit of an ancient local tradition.

Meat exclusively comes from pigs bred in the wild state and fed with natural foods. The particular and unique taste is given by the use of natural flavourings, established by the tradition, and by the total absence of additives. Selected raw materials, expert hands and homemade production cycle allow the client to experience the taste of an ancient flavour.

Salami from Montagna Materana

Salsiccia, soppressata, pezzente, capocollo, lombino, guanciale, pancette: these are the cured meats of the Materana mountains, products that arise from an ancient artisan tradition. Thanks to experience, passion and methods handed down from peasant traditions, our cured meats have the quality and flavor of a rare taste.

The careful selection of meat from pigs raised in the open air, the addition of only natural flavourings, the absence of food preservatives and the slow maturing combine to create the right balance that lasts over time; and so patience, care, the purity of the air and the particularity of the mountain microclimate allow us to offer you a unique experience of taste