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How to buy on

How to buy

The purchase on this web site is made choosing the product in the pages Product’s Catalogue shown in the menu >> LUCANIA’S TYPICAL SALAMI
Each product shows all the information useful for the client: product schedule, image, ingredients, kg price.

With this operation, the product is added to the basket and a list shows the purchase data, the cost of each product and the shipping costs.

At the end of the page of the basket, the client can see the summary of the order.

To place an order, the Client has to activate the cookies for his browser in order to create a unique buying session.
When the session is activated, in all the web site pages is shown a symbol and a link to go to the basket.

Description of the purchase procedure

The purchase procedure is the following:

1. Introducing the product in the basket
Include the products in the basket and select the quantity.

2. Introducing the client information
After having defined the basket, fill in the schedule about the client in all its part. If the client has already purchased on the web site, it is possible to enter with username and password.

3. Introducing the delivery information
After having introduced the client information, fill in the schedule concerning the delivery information.
When the client information correspond to the Delivery information, please select this option and click Continue.
When the client is different from the receiver or has a different address, the sustem will show a different schedule to fill in to continue the ourchase.

4. Payment
The system shows the payment system through PAY PAL where the client can pay in all the ways defined by PAY PAL (Credit cards, pre-paid cards, etc.)

5. Conclusion
After having paid with PAY PAL, the client will receive a notification of the order by e-mail from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and a notification of payment from PAY PAL.

If, after having concluded the order, the client decides to come back the the site through the dedicated link, he will be redirect in a page of confirmation of the order.

If the client decides to quit the purchase when being onPAY PAL, he will directed on a cancellation page, where he can eventually try again to buy, modifing the information about the basket.