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Pancetta arrotolata

This product is a concentrate of smell and taste, obtained by the lean part of a swine stomach, flavoured with pepper and other spices. When cut, the slice is characterised by the alternation of vivid red and white/pink layers. At the taste, the slice is soft with a tendency to melt in mouth, thanks to the fat parts which also determine the delicate and sweet flavour, balanced by the right level of tastiness which helps the product to be appetizing.

Pancetta is available in 2 format: tighten when the piece of meat used to prepare it is let season in its original shape or rolled up when the meat is rolled on itself to obtain a pancetta with a cylinder shape.

The processing method of pancetta is carried out in four phases:
- first of all meat is flavoured with a mix of salt and spices according to the tradition;
- after that, the product is stored for a short period in a cold place, in order to allow salt and spices to uniformly spread over the meat,
- the product is massaged and then brought to dry into dedicated places for almost 10 days;
- after the drying phase, pancetta is seasoned for a period of at least 2 months.

Ingredients: Pork meat (Origin: Italy), Salt, Black pepper.




588 Kcal

2.452 Kj


57,6 g

of which saturates

23,2 g


0,8 g

of which sugars

0,8 g


16,5 g


3,2 g

Price per kg

€ 19,00